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If done correctly, your physical packaging can be key to improving customer experience, and even help drive down churn. It’s on your packaging that you control your brand; it’s a visual storyboard that should both excite the customer and work to your benefit, spelling out calls to actions for the customer and adding value to the unboxing experience.

Organizing, designing, and ordering custom packaging, however, can be difficult. What kind of packaging exists? How does it actually get created? What’s a good price? How many do I have to order?

These are all questions Cardboard Packaging Bespoke Box business owners should be thinking about as they get ready for their first order. Below, we’ve outlined the answers to these questions (and more!) and will take you from inception to completed order on what to expect and how to maneuver during your first custom packaging order.

What is the one piece of marketing that reaches every single one of your customers?

Your packaging.

There’s one thing that all your customer have in common, and that is that they will all see, touch and use your product.

Therefore, the way your product is presented to your customer is of the utmost importance.

This is just one of the many many reasons why custom packaging is important to your small brand.

Whether you’re in retail, ecommerce, dropshipping or any other form of selling a physical product, your custom packaging needs to be aligned with your branding.

And it doesn’t have to eat up your profits, either. With custom packaging solutions starting from as little as $0.08 per unit, you can have your box and…pack it, too?

Read on to see how else custom branded packaging can benefit you, and how to find the best custom packaging for your brand.


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