Kinder Point of Purchase Display Corrugated Carton Design

Our quality team provides that extra assurance that whether you are in need of a small PDQ or a large pallet display with multiple trays and levels, your product will arrive at it’s destination ready to sell your product! This is where we could taken you too…

Let’s get it right to the point. Chocolates and confectionery are too popular among kids, there are quite a lots of ideas we can promote for kids’ loved Kinder Chocolates like Back-to-School, so our designs aim to various range of theme.

Things to consider?

Before we start design a new point of purchase display for a customer, we would like to ask,

If you have a preferred display type,

  • Floor Stand
  • Pallet Display
  • Counter Top
  • Side Wing
  • Standee

Designated Shape

While in this case we are discussing, customer is no doubt looking for a floor display with shelves. The key factor our designers need to consider is its shape. It needs to be stand out at first by its diecut shape, then comes to the color and attractive artwork it carries. By achieving  this point, we apply side panel diecut material to be foam board, which can be cut into any shape, and from its edge you won’t see corrugate waves, since it is white with nice clean foam edge.

Weight Bearing

There will be around 10-15KG chocolates stacked on each shelf to start with, of course weight will gradually come less when children taken with them. However it requires refill till the last one sold out. Designers created a double thick layer of shelf, and each shelf there are 2 metal bars to ensure weight bearing capacity of this POS stand.