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Cardboard Displays,FSDU,Dumpbins,PDQ,
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POP&POS Cardboard Displays,FSDU,Dumpbins,PDQ,Trolley Expoboxes

POP&POS Cardboard Displays,FSDU,Dumpbins,PDQ for Books

elegant print


metal bars ensure great weight bearing capacity


A-class corrugate material vertical flute


transparent plastic bolts on buttom

At Packwins Display our team of dedicated designers and graphic artist can create just the right look for your new package and display. From concept to completion we are ready to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Our commitment to you is unique point of purchase designs tailored to fit your individual product requirements. With experience in all the major retail settings we have the knowledge to help you stand out from the crowd. You got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

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A Glance of Factory Workshop

With a Sales of $5million in the year 2016, Packwins is the industrial leader in corrugate Point of Purchase industry. It provides comprehensive deisgn and manufacturing to cardboard display, FSDU, dumpbin, cutout standees, etc.

Based in Shenzhen China, the factory gathers a line of sophisticated upper and lower chain management which enables its global reach and serves customers in more than 58 countries across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

A Few of Our Featured Clients


Disney Cardboard Pallet Display in Walmart

Suits for a wide range of stationary items, toys,tumblers,backpack etc. This pallet display requires co-pack in packaging centre of US, and finally do solid shipping to each retail droplist. Our designers take every details into consideration.

Cat Workwear Dumpbin Display

Dumpbin with a small footprint size is most often seen in aisle, it is a traffic stopper! Items are stacked in bulk to boost sales quantity. CAT have it to carry hats and workwears.


Cadbury chocolate FSDU Display

Along with a series of chocolate brands,Cadbury stand out by its gravity load capacity and simlicity in its graphic. Designers work out a brand new weight bearing solutio for this FSDU.

Coca-Cola Counter Display Unit

Turn a Coca-Cola bottle into an ornament! Idea generated by Coca-Cola and Dollar General, we make it come true. A box put in the middle of this counter display to hold gifts of ornaments.


Rogz Pet gear Corrugate Display Stand

With each layer indents 4”, all bowls on this stand gets more relevent to pet lovers. Though it is traditional in structure, the graphics speaks loud. Each shelf carry 20+KG with no extra crisscross support on buttom.

Biglots Lanyard Sidewing Display

Other than knock-down-off packing, Biglots requires each mechandiser to be shipped pre-assembled from our factory to Biglots stores in US. This sidekick display has been tested under strict conditions of ISTA 2A standard.


3-faces Granier Cosmetics Paper Display for Kmart

Clients approch us for a display idea to consolidate a series of skin care items in a single POS display. We designed a half pallet display with 3 faces shoppable.

Kinder Point of Purchase Display Design

One of the highest standard of corrugate display design is create into shape. It needs to be very stunning and eye-catching to call kids’ attention and drive the purchase.


Ferrero Golden FSU

To fully express its elegent,Ferrero FSU adpots golden paper for graphic printing. This matches perfectly with its Italian taste. It saves much assembly time to simply slots in the plastic clilps and form the shelf.