Coca-Cola Point of Purchase Cardboard Counter Display Unit

  • Idea Generate
    Customer approches to us with their requirement of a Point of Purchase Counter Display Unit that carry Coka bottles and an ornament gifts.First of all – let’s talk usage.  How long will this display need to last?  Is it temporary? And only intended to be up for weeks or months?  Most of these small types of displays are made from corrugate or sturdy coated paper stock.
  • Structure Design
    It can be easy for our structural designer to get the Coka bottle diameter and height. And also quantity of items with its placement. How to maximize corrugate material usage is the core issue for a simple CDU like this.
  • Outcome
    This display with the ornaments and Coka itself brings great success to several marketing compaign.

Point of Purchase Cardboard Counter Display Unit  Can Produce a Good ROI

Did you know that 62% of shoppers buy an item on impulse AND 16% of those purchases are persuaded by display units?Adding Point of Purchase displays to your marketing efforts may be just what you needed to spike sales.

Up to 82% of purchase decisions are made in store.
Most shoppers go to the store with a need for products but their decisions can be persuaded in store by effective POP displays.  Producing POP is a powerful way to increase your sales in store.

Get your products off the shelf and in front of your customer.  Show them why your product is better and they are likely to add your product to their cart!

If you need help with a point of purchase display project, contact us.  We’d be happy to help.