Why opt for cardboard FSDU Free Standing Display Units?

You may never think about the wider benefit of cardboard Free Standing Display Units (FSDU), certainly not since you ordered the first batch when your store first opened… These simple retail promotion aids can give your store, brand or product range a huge boost. It’s said that simple ideas are often the best and in the case of cardboard FSDUs, this is certainly true.

A cardboard FSDU is a stand-alone display which can be customised to suit the task required wherever it is needed in store, providing all the advantages of a display with the cost effective, environmental friendliness of using economical, recyclable material – hence its enduring popularity with retailers.

Below we have listed some of the many ways a cardboard FSDU helps increase sales and make your product stand out from the crowd.

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1. They allow you to showcase products outside the store
Lightweight, easy to move and relocate around the retail space, cardboard FSDUs can be positioned inside or outside the store to highlight product samples or particular items, grabbing the attention of passing customers and encouraging them in. This offers strategic support to your window display, giving additional opportunity to show off your products.

2. They increase brand awareness and consistency
With the huge variety of products offered in retail environments such as big supermarkets, key brands, products or promotions fight for exposure to customers. A huge advantage of cardboard FSDUs is their flexibility to be branded or customised to suit the promotion. Instead of placing items alongside other similar products on the retail shelf, positioning branded units at the end of an aisle, by the entrance or main thoroughfare or beside the till, will boost sales. FSDU design techniques are constantly evolving to meet the brand and retailers constant need to grab the customers’ attention, but the main benefit is that you can create exactly what you want.

Cardboard free standing display units are also a good solution to increase brand awareness at fairs, events and exhibitions. Displaying products and promoting your business will be much easier with the help of a branded unit which is portable and quickly assembled.

3. They operate as a silent salesman
An attractive, well-designed cardboard FSDU can not only catch the customers’ eye but also acts as a source of information. Product functions and features can be highlighted on these displays, supported by your logo, brand message and colours. Leaflets and product samples can be added so customers can collect information if a salesman is not present.

4. They help you organise your retail space
Retailers can have several FSDUs in use and still retain a clean and professional sales floor because they are bespoke and tailored to allow for the space you have available. They are extremely lightweight and easily moved around the store, positioned wherever you need them.

5. They’re cost effective and environmentally friendly
Cardboard is recyclable so your retail solution is also environmentally friendly. Cardboard FSDUs aren’t expensive to produce and represent a cost effective way to run in-store promotions and although they’re cardboard, they are durable and can be modified to help prevent wear and tear.

Cardboard FSDU have more benefits than you may imagine so if you are considering them for your store, talk to us.

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