Walmart Half Pallet Display Specifications and Guides

Walmart is one of the major club stores that carry billions of sales each year. If you want your products to be seen, you should have a pop display that speaks for your unique selling points and elevate your brand identity.

Gets your products noticed by a corrugated displays like half pallet display, you are sure to beat thousands of your competitors.

Guidelines for Walmart packaging and displays have been evolving year over year, let’s take it easy with the form of questions and answers to know better and avoid any pitfalls.

What’s the price points required on Walmart half pallet displays?

As we know if it is a half pallet, there should be another half pallet put back to back so that there is only 1 face shoppable. A Goal Post Price Sign should be used on all pallet dispays to display price tage. If it is a half pallet display, price point should share a single one across the display.

Contact your Walmart support team to get approve for multiple price points if this is your case.

What are standard half pallet display sizes?

  • Half Pallet Sizes: 20″ x 48″ with 43″ maximum height (not including 8″ header or 5″ pallet)
  • Full Pallet Sizes: 40″ x 48″ with 43″ maximum Height (not including 8″ header or 5″ pallet)
  • Quarter pallet is not allow in Walmart.

Is a corrugated header allowed for Walmart half pallet display?

Yes. Header is allow with a maximum header height 8”. This header can be taken off if the half pallet display is assembled packed with shroud and post corners.

What is the maximum shipping height of a pallet display?

Maximum shipping height is 48″ on a pallet (height includes 5″ pallet).

If ISTA testing neccesary before entering into Walmart?

Yes. ISTA testing is recommended to ensure that displays with product that are 500 lbs or more can withstand the process from pack-out to in-store set up. Transit testing is a great way to examine whether your reteail ready pallet display can resist of tough drop shipping.

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