Creative Design China Supplier Cadbury chocolate FSDU Display

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Ideally, point of sale (POS) floor displays are designed to market your product through eye-catching graphics and structural creativity. Our structural and graphic design, project management, and sales teams have years of experience to help your company launch your retail floor displays into the marketplace. Successfully market your product with custom floor display stands designed with us.

What venues do this corrugated merchandise dispensers work best in?

  • Real estate offices, travel agencies, convention and visitor centers
  • Newsrooms, event centers, school and camp fairs
  • Music and video stores, card and book stores
  • Toy, gift, discount, dollar, and hardware stores
  • Grocery and convenience stores
Cadbury families requires a PMS color match to all of its corrugate POS displays. 
Benefits of Pantone Colors
  • It is the most widely used color system in the world and hence, it is more likely to be identified by industries when compared to other color systems.
  • It also has an incredibly high range of colors and is second-to- none. No other system contains the same level of detail and precision as PMS.
  • This is why PMS is excellent for standard packaging and branding as it creates a uniform color code.