Biglots Lanyard Sidewing Corrugated POS Display

What types of cardboard displays are suitable to fully assembled pre-shipping in China factory like Packwins? There do some types are recommended to ship solid like this powerwing display, rather than KDF (knock-down-off) package.

  • small counter units
  • powerwing displays with a base (semi-assembled)
  • small sidekick displays

Transit Testing

In this display case, customer approaches us for a lanyard sidekick for Biglots Stores, the display its self is not a big issue, since it is standard, and we need only have to arrange properly for the lanyards. However it has a very strict requests for transit shipping. So this requires to ran full scale production trails to test cartons in set temperature and humid setting. Also do drop and vibration test. An international standard ISTA2A solves all the question. See below images taken during testing procedures.

Assemble work

POS fully assembled with Merchandisers requires much labor cost at factory, but in order to save time and cost at end retail market. As long as we can ensure packaging performance throughout the supply chain.


  • Enhanced shelf image with print quality and high-gloss coating
  • Strength performance exceeded expectations
  • Customer marketing and production personnel achieved the goal to further product presentation upgrade