Point Of Purchase Cardboard Display Stand with Rotary Wheels (3)

Best 11 Point-of-Sale Packaging Corrugated Suppliers in UK

#1 Cardworks Ltd

Cardworks has been in business for over 40 years, producing packaging, point-of-sale materials, and promotional items. During that time, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge with various print technologies and production techniques, allowing us to complete assignments in the most effective manner. We have kept up with these changes as digital technology is now a significant portion of our production processes. We combine the newest technology equipment with traditional methods to produce high quality, attractive POS and packaging material at very competitive prices. We produce work for many large organizations as well as print sourcing agencies and printers.
Our Products:
Cardboard leaflet holders
Floor Standing Displays
Counter Top Displays


Bridgeshire is a family-run business that can complete even the most difficult in-store brand POS projects. We are technologically sophisticated and have access to the best design and manufacturing resources, from concept to fulfillment and delivery.

We are accustomed to following the strictest brand guidelines when working with some of the most prestigious high street names in the world to create effective and cutting-edge three dimensional displays.

We specialize in three-dimensional cardboard point-of-purchase displays (POS/POP), CDUs, FSDUs, pallet displays, and corrugated packaging. With a variety of print options, including large format screen, flexographic, digital, and lithographic print, we can guarantee excellent graphic reproduction and the flexibility to meet both high volume and shorter run requirements.

Our Products:

#3 WH Skinner

WH Skinner create environmentally friendly > Cardboard boxes and packaging, > Point of sale displays made of cardboard, > and large-scale cardboard engineering projects like exhibition stands and event displays.

We furthermore provide design and production services to other businesses in the sector.

We can transform your concept or ideas into a reality that exceeds your expectations thanks to our winning combination of industry-leading software, a competent design department, and a skilled manufacturing team. From your initial inquiry through delivery and beyond, our helpful, committed sales advisors will help you with every step of the process.

#4 Prosign Print & Display

Prosign Print and Display is a dynamic, forward-thinking company that specializes in visual communication. It has a strong background in printing and offers a wide range of services, including design, printing, point-of-sale, packaging, exhibition, 3D print bureau, and signage services, including installation, throughout the entire UK and Europe.
With the most modern technology and a prime location just two miles from Junction 27 of the M1, our plant in Nottingham is the ideal location to serve the entire nation.
Our organization is currently striving toward ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, and our amiable, trustworthy crew has all received training that meets the highest requirements.

Our Products:
Counter Top Displays
Cardboard Counter Top Displays
Acrylic Counter Top Displays
Wooden Counter Top Displays

#5 Fundraising365

In addition to our selection of Collection Boxes, Fundraising 365 offers thousands of products that are ideal for a wide range of promotions. Whether you need promotional items for fundraising events, shows, exhibitions, conferences, giveaways, corporate events, or new product launches, we are certain to have what you need.

Our wide selection includes inexpensive fundraising items like promotional keychains, mugs, pens, umbrellas, conference bags, and folders, as well as executive business gifts, corporate gifts, and a great selection of recycled promotional goods that are also environmentally friendly.

Our Products: 

  • Cardboard Collection Boxes
  • Charity Labels
  • Collection Boxes
  • Collection Boxes and Buckets
  • Counter Collection Boxes

#6 Print & Display LTD (UK)

At Print & Display, we assist our clients in increasing product sales and revenue. Our collective goal as a team of POS experts is to assist both big and small firms in outperforming their rivals. We achieve this by developing useful POS items like FSDUs, Dump Bins, CTUs, and Pallet Wraps.

Please give us a call if you’ve had trouble finding a POS partner who shares your dedication to your business and its products. We’ll never let you down.

Our Products:

  • Free Standing Display Units
  • Dump bins
  • Countertop units
  • Display Flash
  • Pallet Displays


A prominent supplier of corrugated packaging in the UK is Caps Cases. Due to our business expertise in everything from package innovation to design, manufacturing, and delivery, we are able to provide solutions for our clients that are not only practical but also attractive.

Packaging Design, Industrial Packaging, Retail Ready Packaging, Shelf Ready Packaging, Promotional Packaging, PoS and PoP Displays, Cardboard Point of Sale Display, Consumer Packaging, Corrugated Pallets, and more are just a few of our areas of expertise.

We can supply businesses across the nation from our three production facilities in Newmarket, Suffolk, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, and Baillieston, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

Our Products:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Wardrobe Removal Boxes
  • Die Cut Cardboard Boxes
  • Pallet Boxes

#8 Tradeprint

Your one-stop shop for all things printed, including bags, books, banners, stickers, and stationary.

We have been a dependable supplier to the trade for 25 years, which means we have spent that time honing our craft to a standard that will promote your brand or logo. We want to ensure that print is accessible and affordable for everyone because we are aware of how expensive starting a business can be.

We provide you with excellent quality at an affordable price, and not only is delivery free, but it also happens quickly—you can get your order in as little as two days.

Selecting the item you want printed and uploading your artwork are the only steps required.

Our Products:

  • Custom Printed Carboard Totem Displays
  • Eco-friendly Cardboard Display Stands
  • Cardboard Brochure Stands
  • Custom Printed Cardboard Cutouts
  • Rigid Display Stands

#9 Wabs Print & Packaging

Good things supposedly come in small packages. When it comes to bespoke packaging, Wabs Print & Packaging believes that wonderful things come in small cartons, giant printed shipping boxes, or everything in between. We provide you with the tools to create something exciting on the outside, enticing your customers about what is on the inside, using a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

With its distinct vision and methodical approach to assisting small businesses in growing, Wabs Print & Packaging, a leading socially responsible online printing, marketing, and technology company, has established itself as a significant player in the sector.

Our Products:

  • Display Packaging
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Cardboard Packaging Boxes
  • Corrugated Box
  • Folding Boxes

#10 CustomBoxesCo.co.uk

A well-known, cost-effective, and socially conscious online printing and design company is CustomBoxesCo.co.uk. With our distinctive vision and open-minded approach to supporting the expansion of SME firms, we have established ourselves as a prominent player in the printing sector. Every day, we respond to hundreds of online requests for custom business printing and graphic orders. We use high-quality screen printing, offset printing, and digital printing to produce dependable color printing at affordable printing prices. CustomBoxesCo.co.uk has gained customer trust by providing more customizable screen printing, offset printing, and digital printing options than other online and offline printing companies, all with our trademark user-friendly website interface.

Our Products:


#11 Promocollection Europe

A premier worldwide sourcing platform, PromoCollection was established in 2011. Our mission is to efficiently link distributors of promotional products and manufacturers of personalized stuff from across the world.

Our service gives clients access to the world’s millions of custom sourcing opportunities. We guarantee the confidentiality of any information or orders you disclose with us because we never work with end customers.

Our Products:

  • Cardboard Displays
  • Table displays
  • Floor displays


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Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays

5 Most Popular Cardboard Display Types in Club Stores

In today’s brick and mortar retail business, you have to stand out from the crowd to get the expected attention from target consumers. Simply scatter your items on the shelves are not a wise way in retail sales. It is highly recommed to customize a point of purchase display stand to drive impulse sales at retail floor.

In this toturial we are going to talk about the 5 most popular and high ROI cardboard display types for you to make an easy reference and in the end drive up your sales by at least 30% than your competitors.

Pallet Display

A pallet display is a point of sale stand that placed on a wooden pallet flat packed or consolidate packed with merchandisers into stores and usually has specific overall dimensions set by different big club stores.

Powerwing Sidekcik Display

Powerwing Sidekcik Displays are wing sidekick stand that often hang in a wireframe at the high traffic area inaisle or at the end of aisle. Depending on the products package style, there can be shelves or compartments or hooks to host products. At the back of the sidekick display there should be at least 2 “S” shaped hooks to connect the display to the wireframe.

Free Standing Display Units

Freestanding display units are also short for FSDUs. Seen by its name FSDUs are off location displays compared to items nested inline of shelves. They are free to be placed anywhere at the retail stores to drive impulse sales.

Counter Display Units

Counter display units also short for CDUs or PDQs. Small in size but versatile in style.

  • Simple tray
  • Tray with shelves
  • Tray with hooks
  • Rotating with hooks

Dumpbin Displays

Dumpbins are very flexible to host any products be it regular shaped package or bagged items irregular packages, dumpbins can hold all.


Walmart Half Pallet Display Specifications and Guides

Walmart is one of the major club stores that carry billions of sales each year. If you want your products to be seen, you should have a pop display that speaks for your unique selling points and elevate your brand identity.

Gets your products noticed by a corrugated displays like half pallet display, you are sure to beat thousands of your competitors.

Guidelines for Walmart packaging and displays have been evolving year over year, let’s take it easy with the form of questions and answers to know better and avoid any pitfalls.

What’s the price points required on Walmart half pallet displays?

As we know if it is a half pallet, there should be another half pallet put back to back so that there is only 1 face shoppable. A Goal Post Price Sign should be used on all pallet dispays to display price tage. If it is a half pallet display, price point should share a single one across the display.

Contact your Walmart support team to get approve for multiple price points if this is your case.

What are standard half pallet display sizes?

  • Half Pallet Sizes: 20″ x 48″ with 43″ maximum height (not including 8″ header or 5″ pallet)
  • Full Pallet Sizes: 40″ x 48″ with 43″ maximum Height (not including 8″ header or 5″ pallet)
  • Quarter pallet is not allow in Walmart.

Is a corrugated header allowed for Walmart half pallet display?

Yes. Header is allow with a maximum header height 8”. This header can be taken off if the half pallet display is assembled packed with shroud and post corners.

What is the maximum shipping height of a pallet display?

Maximum shipping height is 48″ on a pallet (height includes 5″ pallet).

If ISTA testing neccesary before entering into Walmart?

Yes. ISTA testing is recommended to ensure that displays with product that are 500 lbs or more can withstand the process from pack-out to in-store set up. Transit testing is a great way to examine whether your reteail ready pallet display can resist of tough drop shipping.

Point of Purchase Automatic Merchandise Dumpbin Display

Point of Purchase Automatic Merchandise Dumpbin Display

Point of purchase cardboard display industry is keeping changing and updating, some structure designs are even can be named as revolutionary. Some are most advanced in assembly method – to set up within seconds! Some are automatic in merchandising.

In today’s tutorial we are going to share an automatic design from Vertical Vendors™. Here is a quick video on the mechanics of the automatic system.

Most often this small footprint dumpbin or can be bigger in size depend on your retail store regulation is put near the check out counter. This greatly drives up impulse sales.

Here below is another example of bear stand.


This design is currently widely used in drink industry, and trusted by brands like Coca Cola, 7 UP, Monster Energy, and etc.