Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays

Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays

This is a place where ideas are born! Packwins Display delivers the large scale of manufacturer, combined with the creativity and responsiveness of an agency where innovation and customer care are the cornerstones of our culture. We make our clients heroes at Retail. On time. Every time. To find out Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays, please read onward.

Assessment Needs

We respond when others don’t. If you have a creative idea, we’ll make it come true in reality. We’ll ask you targeted questions to get the specifications of your project, including: Styles; Dimensions; Numbers; Printing Requests; Budget; Delivery Time. We’ll give you recommendations on things like: Size & Structure; Material Options; Special requirements; Packing Method.


Trust us from Design all the way to Retail, we deliver display solutions you can rely on. Utilizing fully integrated systems, ISO Certified processes, and state-of-the-art equipment, Packwins Display controls the entire process, from display design and development through manufacturing, contract packaging and shipping.

Design is the start point of your unique project. our retail experience on POP displays are consistent with your goals in the retail world. We are glad to brainstorm the fresh and creative concepts to work in with your retail solution.

When it comes to in-store merchandising vehicles, Packwins Display combines award-winning creativity with a deep knowledge of retail. Whether it’s a pallet display, endcap, power-wing or a custom merchandiser, Packwins Display design team utilizes the most up-to-date software and equipment, ensuring that your display becomes a “Shopper Stopper”
Detailed Artwork Approval Process
State-of-the-art software delivers top shelf concept rendering
Product placement for ship test
High speed sample table
In-House Structural & Graphic Design Team
Conceptual Design
Computer Visualization
CAD Engineering
Tool Design & Procurement
Three Dimensional Prototyping

3D Rendering

Our designers can draw an 3D image according to your description. This step is the start to make your initial idea and our professional version come to life.


 We provide functioning prototyping, the sample. the sample not only show you our craft work and efficiency, but also provide a reference for you to confirm the final display.


Our expert designers will strictly make sure every detail is thought out and planed for. they will develop the best way to combine the artwork and the seasoned graphic together, to build  your chosen solution.


The production will go ahead after the details are confirmed. we can satisfy your requests of packing, delivery period, etc. in this procedure. we’re even capable to pre-loaded the displays with  your merchandise. so it’s ready to go when it arrives at your desired destination.

Assembly and Fullfillment

The world’s top brands trust their complicated logistics and supply chain management challenges to Packwins. We offer

Assembly of Displays

Displays are Weight Verified

Quality Assurance

Packwins Display has a very proactive Quality System that was structured after the ISO-9001 standard. We received ISO-9001 certification in 2001. We have maintained our certification compliance presently and will provide documentation upon request.

We utilize continuous improvement activities involving the entire workforce, which improves quality and reduces manufacturing time and costs.

Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays
Everything You Need to Know About Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays

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